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Questionnaire for the consideration of an immediate search to protect any personís health, safety or welfare

The Registrar of Adoption Information, under provisions in the Child and Family Services Act, has the authority to search out any person to obtain or disclose information, if that information is necessary for the protection of a personís health, safety or welfare.

It should be noted that updated birth family medical information is usually not contained in any file or record. We must conduct a discreet search for a family member in order to obtain this updated information.

Under current legislation, only adoptees may request a search. Searches are offered based on the date the adopteeís register application is received unless the adoptee or the adopteeís childís health, safety or welfare is threatened.

Since there are many people waiting their turn, it is important to be fair and ensure that the need for an immediate search is truly urgent.

In the case of birth parents or relatives of an adopted person, a search may be conducted only for purposes of protecting another personís health, safety or welfare.

This section of the Act is intended primarily for "true emergency" situations, and not to circumvent the normal disclosure process, where time is not of the essence.

If the need is not urgent, substantial and vital for the protection of a personís health, safety or welfare, the Registrar is not able to approve such a search.

Therefore, your answers to the following specific questions will be helpful to the Registrar in determining whether or not she can approve a request for an immediate search.

Some searches have a negative outcome, (i.e., person is not found, found deceased or refuses contact and/or updated medical information). Please consider how this could affect your patient.

If you require clarification please call the Intake Worker at (416) 327-4713.


Our ID No.___________________________

Our File No._________________________

Please return to:
Colette Kent, Registrar
Adoption Disclosure Unit
Ministry of Community & Social Services
2 Bloor Street West, 24th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1E9

This form is to be completed by a medical professional person.

  1. Please state on what basis you are supporting a request under Health, Safety or Welfare at this time (include presenting problem, diagnosis, prognosis Ė Is prevention a factor in this request?)

  2. Is the information being sought essential to your diagnosis and treatment? Please explain.

  3. Is there a genetic reason to seek or pass on this information? If yes, would failure to seek, or pass along this information affect the ability of a physician to diagnose the problem?

Signature:______________________________ Date:______________________________

Please attach your business card or a sheet of your prescription pad (marked "void").

You may receive a call from a counsellor in this Unit if further clarification is needed.