Updated December 21, 1998.


If you are from Ontario you can apply for a priority search by the Adoption Disclosure Registry due to medical necessity. There is a clause in the Child and Family Services Act which allows people to get documentation from their doctor about the need to know their medical history, or to pass along medical information to an adoptee.

If you or someone related to you has a medical condition (or psychological) which could have been inherited, and finding your family is a good way of preventing or treating this condition, then talk to your doctor about the questionnaire.

Medical Form. Print out a copy if you wish.

British Columbia now has open records. The next three links will give you info on this.

British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency Information and forms

Government phamphlets on the B.C. Adoption Act

British Columbia's Adoption Reunion Registry

Congratulations to the Northwest Territories. As of November 1, 1998, they have open adoption records. There are no registration fees, and there are no vetoes, and no contact blocks. As far as I know this is only for adoptions which took place after November 1, 1998. More info at: Info from Canadopt on NWT.

NWT Department for Post Adoption Info

News on Law Reform in Canada

Lost Connections (Toronto)
Free to search, but must pay for an ad.

Adoption Council of Ontario

Adopt: Assistance Information Exchange

International Soundex Registry

Parent Finders Ottawa

Sarnia Parent Finders

Canadian Adoptees Registry
Loads of great information here!

Project Roots
The Children of Canadian Soldiers and the search for their Fathers.

The Triad Society for Truth in Adoption in Canada

Canadian Registry and Chat

Adoption in Quebec: the right to know

Mouvement Retrouvailles

Alberta Adoptee Page

Links Post-Legal Adoption Support Group Inc.
Great Site in Manitoba

Parent Finders, P.E.I.
Also has a registry online.

50th Anniversary Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Look up phone numbers, emails, and addresses in Canada or the U.S.

Discovering Your Roots
Adoption and Crown Ward disclosure.

The Peacock Babies of Quebec

Montreal Black Market Babies

K&K's Adoption Site
Adoptees and birthfamilies searching in Cornwall, Ontario.

Telephone Directories Online

The Canadian Resource Page

Born in Canada and Adopted to the U.S.?

All adoptees born in Canada and adopted in the US who became naturalized are entitled to their naturalization records. You can apply for a copy of your records to the:

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
US Department of Justice
425 "I" Street
Washington, DC
20536 USA

Request a form G-641. Your naturalization papers will include your birth name, birth parents, and adoptive parents names. You may also request this information through your local county court office.

Please be advised that unless the adoptee has been told that they were born in Canada they may not know. Sometimes the amended birth certificates were altered to have the place of birth in the US.

Looking for more help, and more
Information on adoption searching in CANADA?


Ontario GenWeb Project
Tons of information & Great Links!

Loads of links, lots of Canadian content.

National Registry File
For 1940-46. Information accumulated for anyone over the age of 16 at that time.

Bill Martin's Genealogy Pages
Lots of info, also has an index of Finnish born residents.

Duplicate site

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

LDS Online Family Tree
Very good site!

Lots more genealogy links, most with Canadian content

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