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This page is being constructed to help other native adoptees and birthparents hoping to find to lost ones. As information becomes available it will be added. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is an ongoing process, but there is little information out there to help native adoptees, especially the ones who are alone and do not know where or how to start a search.

If you have made it this far, you are not alone, there are people out there who are willing and able to help. It is sometimes hard to reach out to others you do not know. The fear of rejection keeps us from being together. It is hard, but easy paths aren't always the best ones. Everyone needs support, even if it is just someone who will listen. Noone has all the answers, and sometimes the answers you seek can be painful. The healing journey has many up and downs.In the end, you may not find what you expected, but at least you will know the truth.

I am searching for my birthbrothers. We were adopted out to different families. My brother's name is KENNY. He makes soapstone carvings. Last known to be living in London, Ontario. If anyone in London knows him or hears from him, could they PLEASE contact me. I am very worried about him..
FOUND KENNY June, 1999!!!!

My other birthbrother's name is MICHAEL, he was born July 15, 1967. Last known to be in the Hamilton area. If anyone knows anything please email. I need to know my brothers are alive and well.
FOUND MICHAEL April 29, 1999!!!!

If you are adopted from Canada you can obtain "First Nations Status" through Indian Affairs. Please be advised they will not help with your search and they will NOT give out identifying info. But once you have that status card it will usually tell you what reserve you are from or what band you belong to. This will help in finding some of your relatives, if that is what you wish. Many reserves lost children to the system. Many wonder where these children are and if they remember them. Years ago a lot of native families were split up and the children placed with white parents. Some of these children have made it home, but others are still searching.

To find out more info on obtaining status, visit General Info from Indian Affairs for Adoptees.

If you were adopted out of the province of Manitoba or out of the country of Canada, they also have a program to help native adoptees find their way home.


Child & Family Services
Manitoba First Nations Repatriation Program

434 - 167 Lombard St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0T6

Tel: 204-957-0037
Toll Free: 1-800-665-5762
Fax: 204-944-1015
E-mail: Sally Tisiga sally@wrcfs.mb.ca


You are welcome to read my story and visit these pages. Just click on the links below.

William's Story and Bill 88

Important Information for Adoptees born in Canada

Links to other Native adoptee pages
If you are a Native adoptee and would like your page listed here, please email and I will be pleased to add it.


A place where you can enter your information in the hopes that someone will recognize you. Please DO NOT leave personal phone numbers or addresses!!!

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This is a discussion forum for people who are Native American and were adopted into non-native homes. This forum is open to anyone who has been affected by this situation.

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Please be advised that the author of the next two stories can be reached at this email address: Dave He is a wonderful person who is willing to share his experience with others. He is a Native Mohawk from Canada who was adopted in the United States.

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Weechi-it-te-win Family Services Inc.
Fort Francis 807-274-3201 Fax: 807 - 274 - 8425

Ojibway Tribal Family Services
Kenora, 807 - 468 - 4533

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto
464 Yonge Street Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 1W9
Telephone: (416) 969 8510
Fax: (416) 969 9251
Email: info@nativechild.org

Anishnawbe Health Centre
Toronto, 416-360-0486; fax: 416-365-1083

Wabaseemoong Family Services
Keewatin 807-547-3386; fax: 807-547-3351

Tikingan Child and Family Services
Sioux Lookout 807-737-3466

Dilico Ojibway Child and Family Services
Fort William First Nation, Thunder Bay, 807-625-8514


Repatriation Report

Native Friendship Centre Directory

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Metis Nation of Ontario

Canadian Metis Council

A History of Indian Residential Schools

Turtle Island Native Network


Indian & Northern Affairs Canada

Indian Child Welfare Act Update (U.S.)

Aboriginal Youth Network

The Native Trail

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Bill Henderson's Aboriginal Resources
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Links for all Adoptees

Native Genealogy-People of the Three Fires
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